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Question: Examine About The Measurement Of Impairment Individual Asset? Answer: Introducation Resources whether substantial or elusive are the basic asset controlled by an element over the span of its business. The advantages have their own monetary worth and thus they are required to be represented satisfactorily. Considering the need of appropriate bookkeeping and divulgences of entitys huge resources in the money related reports, Accounting Standard Board has given certain gauges corresponding to the bookkeeping medicines to be given in different circumstances. Resource Impairment is one of those significant circumstances which requires fitting estimation and acknowledgment in the fiscal summaries of the organization. Disability of a benefit has been characterized in the Australian bookkeeping standard as the circumstance when conveying estimation of the advantage surpasses the sum that is recoverable from that specific resource. Bookkeeping treatment to be followed if there should arise an occurrence of debilitation of benefits is endorsed in the AASB 136 gave by Australian Accounting Standard Board (Bond, Govendir Wells, 2016), (Ji, 2013). Any benefit whether it is an unmistakable resource or an immaterial one it might be exposed to impedance contingent on its qualities. The benefits that might be impeded have been normally recognized as plant and apparatus, property plant and gear, generosity licenses and the other impalpable resources. An impedance misfortune on any individual resource must be perceived in the announcement of benefit and misfortune quickly as a cost (Amiraslani, Iatridis Pope, 2013). In any case, if the revaluation save is existing for that specific resource, hindrance misfortune must be charged to the revaluation record to a degree revaluation save is conveying a credit equalization to cover the misfortune. Any measure of debilitation misfortune surpassing the equalization of revaluation hold must be taken to the benefit or misfortune account (Vanza, Wells Wright, 2011). Nonetheless, if the advantage isn't revalued beforehand the disability misfortune on such resource must be straightforwardly charged to the benefit or misfortune account. The organization should likewise uncover the reality of benefit debilitation in the monetary reports as per the necessity of the bookkeeping standard. At consistently finishing the organization needs to evaluate with regards to whether there exists any sign about the benefit weakness. There are sure factors which may demonstrate the debilitation of a benefit. Such factors are characterized under two classifications for example outside and inner variables (Laskaridou Vazakidis, 2013). Following are a portion of the variables that many cast a sign of hindrance: Outer components: The market estimation of the benefit is diminished altogether than the normal decay out of because of typical utilization or taking a break during the revealing time frame (Comiskey Mulford, 2010). Unfavorable innovative, practical and legitimate natural changes in the market with which resource is related The pace of enthusiasm for the market or pace of speculations have been altogether expanded and such changes are likely going to adversely impact the limiting rate which is utilized to decide the estimation of advantage. Interior variables: Out of date quality of benefit or the advantage is genuinely harmed. Proof of the most noticeably awful present or future monetary execution of the benefit is accessible. Huge antagonistic changes in the manners by which resource is by and by utilized or will be utilized in future. For example, end plans of the benefit or resource getting expendable so right on time than the normal helpful life. There must be a basic appraisal of the data which demonstrates the chance of impedance of a benefit. Simply in the wake of thinking about the genuine confirmations of debilitation sign, the disability of an advantage must be estimated and perceived in the budget reports. When the benefit is impeded the conveying measure of the individual resource must be diminished to represent the hindrance. The advantage is viewed as disabled when its conveying esteem surpasses the sum recoverable on that benefit. Conveying sum is the sum with which the advantage is being conveyed in the fiscal summaries of the organization (Sun, Shipan Xia). This sum is determined by deducting the gathered devaluation from the authentic expense of the advantage. Recoverable measure of any advantage is the sum which is distinguished as higher of two qualities for example the incentive being used and the reasonable estimation of advantage. Incentive being used is the entirety of evaluated future incomes from the benefit. Recoverable sum is recognized for each and every individual resource in this business until or except if the advantage don't produce the inflows of money which are fundamentally relying upon incomes of other single or gathering of benefits. On the off chance that any of these two qualities surpasses the sum that is recorded in the budget reports then the advantage is viewed as impeded (A miraslani, Iatridis Pope, 2013). Accordingly the sum with which the disability misfortune is to be perceived in the fiscal summary is the contrast between the real conveying estimation of the advantage and the sum that is recoverable in this way. While perceiving the weakness misfortune if the misfortune sum surpasses the conveying measure of the benefit, the organization may make a risk with respect to it yet this is just conceivable if there is a necessity of some other standard of bookkeeping. In the wake of perceiving the loss of hindrance, the amortization cost or the rest of the deterioration charges subsequently should be apportioned to the changed conveying sum on a methodical premise (Trottier, 2013). In this way it is energetically prescribed to the organizations having generosity or some other elusive resources of like nature, to have a sufficient arrangement of impedance check for all the pertinent and noteworthy resources at yearly spans to stay away from the outcomes of abrupt decrease in the estimations of the advantages. Anyway resources other than the immaterial resources are required to checked for debilitation just when there signs of impedance. Decrease in the market estimation of the benefits than the advantages net an incentive after deterioration charges is a significant trigger for the Impairment testing. Be that as it may, it there is any expansion in the recoverable measure of a benefit more than its net resource esteem then such an augmentation must be disregarded. Resource Impairment requires prompt acknowledgment as it a material misfortune in the financial estimation of the advantages. Part B Calculation of Impairment Loss of Gali Ltd. Sum. Plant less Accumulated deterioration 4,84,000.00 Hardware 1,11,000.00 Fittings 70,000.00 Stock 30,000.00 Generosity 25,000.00 All out 7,20,000.00 B. Recoverable sum (a) Value being used 6,45,000.00 B. Recoverable sum 6,45,000.00 C. Weakness Loss (A-B) 75,000.00 Designation of impedance misfortune Generosity 25,000.00 Land 18,196.00 Amassed Impairment Losses 31,804.00 Diary Entries of Impairment Loss for Gali Ltd Weakness Loss A/c Dr ... 75,000.00 To Goodwill A/c 25,000.00 To Equipment A/c 18,196.00 To Accumulated Impairment Losses 31,804.00 Amassed Impairment Losses A/c Dr 31,804.00 To Profit Loss A/c 31,804.00 References Amiraslani, H., Iatridis, G.E. furthermore, Pope, P.F., 2013. Representing resource impairment.London: Cass Business School. Bond, D., Govendir, B. furthermore, Wells, P., 2016. An assessment of benefit disabilities by Australian firms and whether they were affected by AASB 136.Accounting Finance,56(1), pp.259-288. Comiskey, E.E. what's more, Mulford, C.W., 2010. Generosity, activating occasions, and hindrance accounting.Managerial Finance,36(9), pp.746-767. Ji, K., 2013. Preferred late over never, the planning of generosity impedance testing in Australia.Australian Accounting Review,23(4), pp.369-379. Laskaridou, E.C. furthermore, Vazakidis, A., 2013. Identifying resource impedance the board: Some proof from food and refreshment recorded companies.Procedia Technology,8, pp.493-497. Sun, Shipan, and Xia Xu. Study on the Asset Impairment Accounting.International Journal of Business and Management5, no. 6 (2010): 199. Trottier, K., 2013. The impact of reversibility on an administrator's choice to record resource impairments.Accounting Perspectives,12(1), pp.1-22. Vanza, S., Wells, P.A. what's more, Wright, A., 2011. Resource weakness and the exposure of private data.

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Integrating Business Model Canvas in Feasibility Assessment of Share Essay - 136

Incorporating Business Model Canvas in Feasibility Assessment of Share Economy Businesses - Essay Example The Business Canvas Model’s Inspiration is a craftsman who accomplishes his work on canvas painting. The frame of the model thinks about the shopper, the item offered, the foundation and the monies of a plan of action. The Canvas Model is a perception of a plan of action that looks to clarify how a firm makes, conveys and catches esteem. There are nine structure hinders inside the Business Canvas Model. Its fame is mostly with business visionaries for business advancement. An arrangement of an achievability concentrate with a plan of action is a key business-arranging device. Being an offer economy business, a large portion of AirBnB’s client fragments are reliant as a rule comprising of individual and business voyagers (PPTPOP 2014). Recognizing the various markets, for example, the mass market, specialty showcase, divided, differentiated, or a multi-side stage is an essential stage simultaneously (Osterwalder and Pigneur 2013, p.164). The organization takes into accou nt a multi-sided advertise. It offers shared rooms; private rooms or a visitor could simply lease the whole spot. Achievability examination is important to discover the hole in the present market (Hass2 008, p.48). The individual explorers were the underlying objective for Airbnb as they were the most alive to estimating and progressively amiable to where they remained. Airbnb's contribution is particularly mainstream with business voyagers who need to remain in a spot for over a week and need to feel more simple than in an inn. The principle channels for client obtaining for AirBnB are its site and application, online networking, open connection, and informal. An offer economy business supports community oriented utilization in the economy (Botsman and Rogers2010, p. 132). Identifying how the offer of the organization is an essential stage in the attainability study (Johnson 2010, p.158).

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Let it snow

Let it snow Today was going to be my sleep day. I was going to go to sleep on Saturday night (ok, so it was actually really early Sunday morning) and sleep through until 9 AM Monday, when I have to get up to get ready for my first class of the week, and in so doing I would catch up on all of the sleep debt that Ive accumulated over the course of my entire life. Unfortunately, I woke up around 1 PM anyway and was about to go back to sleep when I heard April the Californian open the shade above her bed, look out the window, and say something about the winter. Thats how I knew that it snowed. So of course I had to get up and open the shade above my bed, and this is what I saw: Very pretty, isnt it? =) Now that I was up, I realized that I was pretty hungry, so I decided to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. As Im sure you know, these go very well with milk, but my milk was in a fridge on Conner 4 (along with my eggs, apple juice, and maple syrup. I think Im going to start telling people that I live on Conner 3 even though I barely ever spend time there, because I dont officially live on Conner 4 but wellas you can see from the list above, I went so far as to have breakfast there Saturday morning. Its a long story. A really long story. So since C3 is halfway between C2 and C4, so I think I should just start telling people thats where I live.) Anyway, on my way back down with my milk (the eggs, syrup and apple juice still need to be retreived), I noticed that there was a really neat view out of the window in the stairwell. You can look out into the little courtyard-type-thing in the middle of the dorm. (As you can see, BC is basically a string of Us, and this window looks out into the third one from the left, which has an entrance to the dorm.) So after eating my breakfast, I went and took a couple of pictures: Then I went back to sleep. When I finally dragged myself out of bed (I wont even say what time it was), I went to church, and from church to the grocery store (because otherwise I was going to start going hungry pretty soon). At the store I picked up some nifty Christmas lights! Heres a better picture where you can see what our room actually looks like: Notice the candy canes that April put up in the upper lefthand corner. Were just chock full of holiday spirit. Then, just a few minutes ago, Batya 08, Alex 08, and Ruth 07 all came by to ask for my signature on their nomination forms. (Theyre all running for Burton-Conner government.) Ruth said (as she always does), Hey, you can blog about this now! And tell all of the prospective freshman about BC government and the election process! Which is a great idea, only I dont know anything about the BC government election process, so maybe Ill have Ruth write a guest entry about it on my blog like shes done on Sams so many times before. And that was my day. Utterly unproductive-but I loved it. Write me emails. Leave me comments. Parents too! Bloggers love it. Promise. And if you asked a question awhile ago and never got an answer, Im working on it. Maybe someday Ill be better about writing about the things I actually say Im going to write about

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Avoiding Phishing and Email Scams - 1185 Words

It could be said that Phishing and Email scams are something that every Internet user has to face at some point, probably almost on a daily basis. Over the last several years phishing and email scams have increased tremendously, promising to enrich the recipient with just a couple clicks and some personal information. Phishing always spikes with holiday shopping, celebrity scandals, weather disasters and big sporting events (Bond, 2011). Phishing scams generally use fear and expectations. It is almost unimaginable that there might be an Internet user with an email address that hasn’t received an email promising large sums of money from a Nigerian Prince. As mentioned in other sections of this project, the goal is have consumers enticed into revealing their personal identification and financial information on fraudulent websites, also known as spoofed websites (Brody, Mulig, Kimball, 2007). As time has gone on since these scams began appearing on the Internet, the scammers have become more sophisticated. Emails appear more legitimate, appearing to be from sources like the users bank, from the IRS and many other financial entities. In this section we are going to discuss the various ways to discover these scams and what steps should be taken to prevent falling victim to these scams. In today’s world, many Internet users visit websites in which require the use of personal data, such as online banking sites, Paypal accounts, the Internal Revenue Service, Facebook accounts, asShow MoreRelatedThe Problem Of Accessing Private Information906 Words   |  4 Pagesillegally is through making phishing emails invisible to the users. Such emails can be made invisible to end users in various ways: the first way is to filter phishing emails. For instance, Spam emails have always been easy to filter, but phishing emails can be regarded as a new technology utilized by attackers and have been hard to filter. Progressive milestones about controlling phishing emails are being made by some experts have developed some ways to filter corrupt emails through identifying fakeRead MoreUsed Techniques For Avoiding Data Theft1684 Words   |  7 PagesMajorly Used Techniques for Avoiding Data Theft Sumer Shaikh (Student) #1, Tulsidas Patil (Guide) *2 #Information Technology, Sinhgad Institute * Information Technology, Sinhgad Institute 2Email Address Abstract— The rising abuse of computers and increasing threat to personal privacy through data increases interest in protection of data. User of computer system and Internet are increasing worldwide which leads to increase the frequency of Data theft day by day. DataRead MoreProject Report On Cyber Security3058 Words   |  13 PagesOF NEW HAVEN INTRO TO COMPUTER SECURITY INSTRUCTOR: Dr. FRANK BREITINGER FINAL PROJECT REPORT ON PHISHING ATTACK BY AJAY MAREMALLA JAYA RUDRARAJU NAGINI REDDY BOLLA Phishing Attack Abstract: Phishing, the act of stealing personal information via the internet for the purpose of committing financial fraud, has become a significant criminal activity on the internet. The word â€Å"phishing† originally comes from the analogy that early Internet criminals used e-mail lures to â€Å"phish† for passwordsRead MoreE-Safety Essay Introduction- E-Safety E-safety or Electronic safety is about knowing the risks of2000 Words   |  8 Pagesand making sure that technology doesn’t impact your life in a negative way severely. It also includes utilization of information securely. Another aspect of electronic safety is socializing with others safely. Some dangers of the Internet include phishing, spam, hacking, viruses, interaction with strangers, etc. Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is the use of technology to intentionally spread rumors or inappropriate content to harass or harm someone in an aggressive manner. A Cyber bully can be someoneRead MoreFraud : Criminal Crime And It Is One Most Common Act Of Crime1908 Words   |  8 Pagesinternet scam. This particular type of fraud has become very famous in the modern age (Olsen, 2015). Committing numerous types frauds over the internet is very common now-a-days. The internet is a heavenly platform for the con artists. It is very easy to avoid using one’s real identity and con people frequently. The internet also allows them to target a lot of people at once. The Nigerian email and the phishing links are the most common methods of fraud over the internet. Both of these are email relatedRead MoreMalware And Its Effects On Society1294 Words   |  6 Pagestoday because email providers are able to better filter them, but spammers are still able to get some messages through the complex filters. S pammers hope that out of the billions of messages they send at least a small percentage will make it past the filter to convince people to purchase the spammers goods. Phishing is another form cybercrime linked to malware. Most attackers use email to to deliver these attacks, and these can â€Å"vary from emails pretending to be from your bank or email service providersRead MoreCredit Card Fraud And Money Laundering2028 Words   |  9 Pagescharge purchases. In addition to skimming thieves steal card information by using a method called phishing, Phishing is a crime that starts with deceptive e-mails being sent to consumers. These messages are made to look as if they come from the person’s bank, in an effort to get the intended victim to reveal personal information, such as bank account numbers and online passwords. Phishing has become a widespread practice of criminals, who have succeeded in stealing personal informationRead MoreWhy The Leo Vegas Slots Experience1765 Words   |  8 Pagesthat I hope comes to end for good very soon. It seems that many players think that they can cheat the system and claim sign-up bonus after sign-up bonus. They attempt this by creating multiple accounts through multiple emails at a single online casino. Let me tell you now this scam is extremely foolish and won’t ever work over the long-term. Every time you register at an online casino your IP address is registered too, which means it is easy to see when a single user applies for multiple accountsRead MoreThe New York State Electric Gas Co2356 Words   |  10 Pagesdecide about what changes they should make in order to avoid future data breaches. 2 Problem 2.1 Problem statement There is no generally available source of information that lists a range of options for companies to take necessary steps for avoiding data breaches from reoccurring. 2.2 Significance of the problem and potential benefits Some companies continue to experience data breaches more than one time, even if they have already put security measures in place. After already making investmentsRead MoreComputer Fraud And Identity Theft1705 Words   |  7 Pagessocial media sites. When it comes to destroying personal documents similar to tax forms or invoice receipts the best way is to use a shredder not too simple through them into the garbage. Password protection is essential while using online tools like email, e-filing, and e-banking, for example, the use of a strong password. A strong password will not contain dates or words that are familiar or meaning full such as a birthdate or pets name. Another precaution is to always back digital files and documents

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My Reading and Writing Experience over the Years - 616 Words

Literacy Narrative: My Reading and Writing Experience over the Years I have never been the type of student who enjoyed reading or writing. I have always found it difficult to express myself by writing narratives, book reports, and any other required assignment. I am far more skilled at speaking or verbal expression in general as I have found over the years that people tend to misunderstand my point if it is written. When I sit to write, I have to think about what I want to say. This is not easy for me as I tend to think about several things at once. Clearing my mind and focusing on the writing task is a challenge in itself. I do not consider myself a strong writer and find it intimidating especially when I know it will be critiqued. The sense of failure when seeing the paper I worked so hard on look like the newest local headline of a recent murder is disheartening for me. I assume I am being overly critical of myself but those feelings seem to be redeemed when I look over the aftermath of what was my wonderful work of mental art. The irony of all of this is I write many different things in my current job. One any given day I draft contracts, amendments, and addendums to name a few. I have learned a great deal from my bosses and mentors which has made me a better writer and more aware of my grammar and proofreading of work. My Vice President is an attorney and English major with a keen ability to find the minutest errors. I try to take any criticismShow MoreRelatedMy Journey Through Reading And Writing963 Words   |  4 PagesMy journey through reading and writing started once I started school. I don’t remember the early years but they laid down a foundation for me. It got me to where I am today. I love reading for pleasure but I want to be more open to different types of genres. I’m not the best writer but I try my best to write well. I have a strong approach to writing an essay but when it comes to actually writing, I don’t feel too confident. I hope that this year will help me bec ome a better reader and writer. MyRead MoreTaking Advanced Placement English Class880 Words   |  4 Pagesstraight A’s in their high school years. They take advanced placement classes, honors classes, or international baccalaureate classes to receive college credit during high school. However, most students have encountered an ordeal experience in advanced classes that change their academic life. They did not expect advanced class to be challenging that exceeds their knowledge. From writing free responses to memorizing complex concepts for multiple choices, some students experience these hardships such as countlessRead MoreMy Life Of The Elementary School I Went Up A Whole New World849 Words   |  4 PagesAll throughout my life, I have had an interesting relationship with writing. As a child, my interests were more focused on reading than writing. In elementary school I fell in love with books. Initially I read simple children’s books, much like everybody else in my class, but it did not take long for my passion to drive me to read more difficult writings. Fiction books quickly became a replacement for any childhood toys. Instead of blocks or stuffed animals I would ask my parents for books. SinceRead MoreAnalysis Of Shannon Nichols Proficiency Essay1004 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Proficiency†, she bout her dislikes writing due to her experiences. While I was growing up, I never knew I would not like writing. People remind me of how I had great handwriting and loved to write stories. In college, I continue to struggle in writing essays and it is a challenge for me. Although Shannon Nichols and I despise writing growing up, we both have grown to become successful writers. My experience with literature started when I was in the first grade. My first-grade teacher was named MsRead MoreThe Importance Of Writing858 Words   |  4 PagesWriting to me has changed over the years as I experience more as I grow up. From thinking that writing is dull to believing writing is expressive and vibrant. From the learning toddler to the naive twelve year-old to the seventeen year-old scholar. I have many great and horrible experiences in writing which led to the writer I am today. Growing up as a second generation vietnamese-american was not as bad as people think. I learned English and Vietnamese at the same time as a child. I grew up speakingRead MoreLiteracy Is The Common Understanding Of Literacy988 Words   |  4 Pagesa certain chapter book, writing a story as a kid, or learning the basics of reading and writing as kid if you remember that far back. As good as I can remember literacy began with me understanding the first bigger book I read (a chapter book), moving on to writing stories in elementary school, then finally understanding and retaining the information from more complicated reading and writing throughout my school career. In elementary school I remember pretty vividly of my thoughts retaining to booksRead MoreMy Personal Literacy Journey895 Words   |  4 PagesRustyn Ristoff My Personal Literacy Journey Everything that we do requires words. Even when we think we create our memories out of words. One reason why we do not remember stuff when we are young is because we don’t have the words to put the information into to store it. Writing is very important because writing means everything, and if we didn t have writing, we wouldn t be able to spread ideas. The local and world news are in writing also so we need to be able to read the information. Also directionsRead MoreThe Idea Of Sponsors Of Literacy908 Words   |  4 Pagescircumstances; they vary based on the person’s experiences and surroundings. Sponsors of literacy are essential in everyone’s life due to the powerful role they demonstrate on the long run. In my own reading and writing experience, my sponsors of literacy were my childhood memories, my school, and the various resources I’ve used to accomplish an outstanding Multi-Genre Research Paper. The Multi-Genre Paper is the highlight of my junior year of high school, if not my entire highschool career. It’s composedRead MoreThe Importance Of Education1108 Words   |  5 Pagessuccess. Two significant areas to education are reading and writing. Even today things that involve education of the individuals, was comparable to those in the past when it comes to reading and writing. Everyone must look at one’s previous experiences to understand how they are like the past. I overcame those difficulties by attaining a parent and teacher assistance, reading multiple books and writing in my notebook. When I received a spelling test from my teacher, I had to ask the teacher why I gotRead MoreLiteracy, The Ability Of Reading And Writing1503 Words   |  7 PagesLiteracy Literacy, the ability of reading and writing plays a very crucial role in an individual’s life and society. A literate individual can make the positive changes in society with his ability. I believe literacy is not only being able to read and write but to make the positive impacts by his understandings. It enables us on how we perceive what is and understand things around us. My experience of reading and writing over the years has developed and enhanced my perception and thinking ability whether

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Who Won the Civil War North or South Free Essays

For the south it was nearly impossible to win the war . The north had many advantageson the south, which created a large difference in the outcome of the Civil War. The North had a bigger population, better leadership, and Abraham Lincoln. We will write a custom essay sample on Who Won the Civil War: North or South or any similar topic only for you Order Now Lincoln was a leader of the union, and led them to many great victories with his decision making on generals to lead the Union. The north had many plans to shut down the south, though they often took longer than what was expected of them, so many of them were stopped by generals or were figured out by the south. The south came out fighting Fort Sumpter and Bull Run. The advantages that the south had was that all of the battles were in the south and numbers of people who actually wanted to fight for the south was much higher than the soldiers of the north. The south was fighting to keep their way of life, slavery. The north wanted a new constitution and to obliterate the confederacy. Most of the time the north had better in terms of generals, but not always. The north had good generals, but they also had bad ones. The bad ones were either too scared to fight, or didn’t fight fast enough. Ulysses S. Grant was the general that gave the Union the greatest victories. He fought long and hard. He would do anything he possible could to win. The South had a very slim chance to win with this man in charge. The north had more victories and advantages in the war than the south. The durastic effects the south underwent caused them to crumble. Some people say the north won, and some say the south won. The north did everything possible to win the war, and the south could never get anything out of it. How to cite Who Won the Civil War: North or South, Essay examples

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“The Monument,” by Elizabeth Bishop Essay Example For Students

â€Å"The Monument,† by Elizabeth Bishop Essay The poem â€Å"The Monument,† by Elizabeth Bishop can be thematically deconstructed in many ways. At first glance, the poem is about a tangible and solid object. The speaker describes this object, a monument, very thoroughly. After further examination and explication it is evident that the poem is not about one object, but about many intangible things such as creativity, art, and intuition. The Bear and Ode on a Grecian Urn The Bear, by William Faulkner and Ode on a Grecian Urn, by John Keats share common ideas. In both works, the main character finds an object to expand their horizons and their minds. Eventually, both objects become untouchable and fall out of time. In addition to falling out of time, both items represent truth to the narrator in that what they represent never changes. In The Bear, Ike does not realize real courage without the bear. In the scene where the fyce attacks the bear, Ike learns what courage really is. In this fashion, the bear is critical for Ike to progress and grow. Ike grows older, and the days of his youth are fleeting, yet the bear, is present throughout his lifetime and is always there. In this way, the bear, to Ike, represents truth. Although the bear may change, what it represents does not change. The bear is the symbol of the everlasting and encompassing wilderness. In the scene in which Ike is face to face with the bear, Ike realizes that the bear is what catalyzes his growth and that killing the bear would serve no purpose. At this point, the bear becomes almost immortal in that people who sought to kill it could not, and those who had a chance, didn t kill it. Throughout the story, even before it became immortal the bear was out of time because many people tried to kill the bear and they did not succeed. As years passed, the hunters grew older, yet the bear was still the same old bear. In an Ode on a Grecian Urn, the urn is quite immortal. The speaker talks about the scene depicted on the urn. The scene is out of time, as well as the whole urn itself, in that what it depicts is in the past and cannot be changed. The picture of happiness will be eternally engraved onto the side of the urn. This permanence of the urn and the scene depicted on it, are all antithetical to what human life really is: transitory and fleeting. As human life may pass, the urn is something greater, it is a metaphysical presence that will always be there. The urn helps the speaker learn and progress in much the same way that the bear helps Ike learn. It forces the speaker to look inward. The speaker imagines the meaning of the scenes depicted on the urn and the unheard melodies being sweeter than heard ones represents the urn s ability to force the speaker into creating his own story, a unique story that will be different to everyone who looks at the urn. In this way, the urn can represent everything that one has yet to experience. In both works, an item has force the main characters to look inward for answers and in the process has become a heralded object no longer stuck in the frame of time. Both objects represent opposites in that they are permanent while the frame of human life is finite and transitory. Objects leading to enlightenment by provoking thought from within are a main characteristic of both these stories.